The Best of Garth Brooks: Our Top 10 Picks


Garth Brooks: The Best of the Best

Garth Brooks is one of the most successful country music artists of all time, with a career spanning over three decades. His music has touched the hearts of millions of fans around the world, and his live performances are a spectacle to behold. Here, we have compiled a list of his top 10 best songs that will make you want to sing and dance.

1. Friends in Low Places

Released in 1990, this is one of Brooks' most popular songs of all time. From the moment it starts, you can feel the energy of the singer and the passion for the message he’s trying to convey. This song is all about celebrating life with your closest friends and not letting anyone get in the way of your happiness. The chorus is catchy and will have you singing along in no time.

2. The Dance

Garth Brooks' The Dance is a song that resonates with anyone who has lost a loved one or experienced a significant life change. Performing this song, Brooks' voice is filled with emotion, and the lyrics will make you ponder on the meaning of your own life. The song has been covered by numerous artists, but no one can do it better than Brooks.

3. Thunder Rolls

Thunder Rolls is a classic Garth Brooks song with a twist that will take you by surprise. It tells the story of a woman who is being cheated on by her husband. The lyrics are so poetic and vivid that you'll feel like you're watching the scene unfold in front of your eyes. This song captures the raw emotions of betrayal and heartbreak.

4. The River

The River is a powerful song that speaks about the journey of life. It encourages us to never give up on our dreams, no matter how hard the journey may be. Brooks' voice is vibrant and passionate in this piece, and the harmonies in the background only make it more impactful. Listening to this song is like being taken on a journey through the highs and lows of life.

5. Ain't Going Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up)

For anyone who loves an energetic country song, Ain't Going Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up) is a must-listen. This upbeat tune will have you dancing along to the rhythm. The lyrics encourage us to seize each moment and make the most out of life. Brooks' signature vocal style blends perfectly to this upbeat song.

6. Unanswered Prayers

Unanswered Prayers tells the story of a man who reflects on a past relationship and comes to the realization that sometimes what we pray for isn't what we need. While it may seem like a breakup song, it's really about letting go and moving on, trusting that there's a better road ahead. It's one of Garth's most beautiful ballads and will leave you with a positive outlook on life.

7. Standing Outside the Fire

Standing Outside the Fire is an energetic and empowering song that will leave you feeling motivated. The song encourages us to take risks, step out of our comfort zones and pursue our dreams without hesitation. With rhythmic guitars and powerful vocals, Brooks delivers a message of hope and inspiration.

8. Callin' Baton Rouge

Callin' Baton Rouge is a song that captures the essence of country music. The song has a catchy rhythm, and the vocal harmonies are on point. It will take you on a homeward-bound journey, with the memories of country roads plastered in the mind of the singer. The lyrics are fun, and you can't help but sing along to the chorus.

9. If Tomorrow Never Comes

If Tomorrow Never Comes is a heartfelt ballad that is powerful in its simplicity. The song emphasizes the importance of telling our loved ones how we feel about them. One of Garth Brooks' most emotional songs, it will leave an impact on the listener. The soft acoustic guitar and thoughtful lyrics are touching and will leave you wanting more.

10. Two Pina Coladas

Two Pina Coladas is a fun, upbeat song you'll want to listen to while relaxing on a beach. It's a song about letting loose, not taking life too seriously, and living it to the fullest. If you're searching for a song to get you in a summertime mood, this song is perfect. You can't help but smile and start tapping along to the tune.


Garth Brooks is one of the most iconic country music artists of all time. His music is an inspiration to millions of people around the world. In this list, we’ve compiled some of his greatest hits that have captured the essence of country music. These songs capture the moments of joy, heartbreak, and inspiration that we all experience. One thing is sure that whenever you play Garth Brooks’ music, you’ll be taken on a journey of life that is full of emotions and positivity.