Stormy Monday Blues

The History of Stormy Monday Blues

Stormy Monday Blues is a classic blues song that has been covered by countless artists over the years. The song was written by T-Bone Walker in 1947 and first recorded by him in 1949. Walker's version of the song was a hit, and it became one of his signature tunes. Since then, Stormy Monday Blues has been covered by everyone from B.B. King to Eric Clapton, and it remains a staple of the blues repertoire.

The Lyrics of Stormy Monday Blues

The lyrics of Stormy Monday Blues tell the story of a man who is down on his luck. The song opens with the line, "They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday's just as bad," which sets the tone for the rest of the song. The narrator goes on to describe his troubles, singing, "Lord, I'm broke and I'm hungry, feel like I'm losin' my mind." Despite his hardships, the narrator remains hopeful, declaring, "But someday baby, you ain't gonna worry my life anymore."

The imagery in the song is powerful and evocative, painting a vivid picture of a man struggling to make ends meet. The line "The eagle flies on Friday, and Saturday I go out to play" suggests that the narrator is able to temporarily forget his troubles on the weekends, but ultimately he must return to the harsh reality of his situation.

The Musical Structure of Stormy Monday Blues

While the lyrics of Stormy Monday Blues are certainly compelling, the song's musical structure is equally impressive. The song is played in a slow and deliberate 12/8 time signature, which gives it a languid, bluesy feel. T-Bone Walker's original version of the song features his signature guitar playing, which combines jazz and blues influences to create a unique sound.

The song's chord progression is relatively simple, but it has become one of the most recognizable in the blues genre. The basic progression is a I-IV-I-V-IV-I pattern, with some variations and embellishments thrown in for good measure. The song's melody is also instantly recognizable, with its descending line and distinctive phrasing.

Cover Versions of Stormy Monday Blues

Given its enduring popularity, it's no surprise that Stormy Monday Blues has been covered by so many artists over the years. B.B. King's version of the song, which he recorded in 1960, is one of the most famous. King's version features his trademark guitar playing and soulful vocals, and it remains a fan favorite to this day.

Other notable versions of the song include Eric Clapton's blistering live performance from the 1970s, which features some incredible guitar work, as well as a more recent performance by Gary Clark Jr. and Joe Bonamassa. The song has also been covered by jazz artists like Wes Montgomery and Jimmy Smith, and even by country legends like Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings.

Final Thoughts

Stormy Monday Blues is one of those songs that seems to transcend genre and time. Its timeless lyrics and unforgettable melody have made it a classic of the blues, and its influence can be heard in countless other songs. Whether you're a die-hard blues fan or just appreciate good music, there's something undeniably special about Stormy Monday Blues.