Got My Mojo Working


As any true music fan knows, the blues is the foundation of so much modern music. From rock n' roll, to jazz, to soul and even hip-hop, the deep grooves and soulful melodies of the blues have permeated every corner of popular music. One of the most iconic blues songs is "Got My Mojo Working", a timeless classic that has been covered by countless musicians over the years.

The Origins of "Got My Mojo Working"

Although "Got My Mojo Working" has become synonymous with blues legend Muddy Waters, the song was actually written by another influential bluesman, Preston "Red" Foster in the 1950s. Foster recorded the song himself, but it didn't make much of an impact on the charts. It wasn't until Muddy Waters recorded his own version of the song in 1957 that "Got My Mojo Working" became a household name.

Muddy Waters' Version

Muddy Waters' take on "Got My Mojo Working" is a masterclass in blues singing and guitar playing. The driving rhythm section and Muddy's smoky vocals combine to create a groove that is both catchy and hypnotic. The song's lyrics are deceptively simple, but they perfectly capture the essence of the blues: "Got my mojo working, but it just won't work on you."

Muddy Waters' version of "Got My Mojo Working" was incredibly influential, inspiring countless musicians to try their hand at the song. It also helped to establish Muddy Waters as one of the most important blues musicians of his time.

Covers of "Got My Mojo Working"

Given its enduring popularity, it's no surprise that "Got My Mojo Working" has been covered by many other artists over the years. Some of the most notable covers include:

  • Elvis Presley
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Eric Clapton
  • Etta James
  • B.B. King
  • Johnny Winter

Each of these artists put their own unique spin on the song, adding their own signature style to the classic blues tune. From Elvis' energetic rockabilly version to B.B. King's soulful take, "Got My Mojo Working" has been reimagined in countless ways.

Why "Got My Mojo Working" is a Classic

So, what is it about "Got My Mojo Working" that has made it such a classic? For one thing, the song's catchy melody and driving rhythm make it hard to resist. The song also has a certain timeless quality that makes it appealing to new generations of listeners.

But perhaps the biggest reason that "Got My Mojo Working" has endured is the way that it captures the essence of the blues. With its simple lyrics and deep groove, the song perfectly encapsulates the feeling of trying to win someone's affection, only to be met with rejection. This universal experience is something that anyone can relate to, and it is what has kept "Got My Mojo Working" relevant decades after it was first written.


"Got My Mojo Working" is a true classic of the blues genre. With its timeless melody and driving rhythm, the song has captured the hearts of music fans for decades. From Muddy Waters' seminal recording to countless covers by other artists, "Got My Mojo Working" has proven to be a song that can stand the test of time.