Best Part" by Daniel Caesar feat. H.E.R

Best Part by Daniel Caesar feat. H.E.R


Music is a medium that can connect with people on a deep level. It can convey emotions and stories in a way that words alone cannot. One such song that has captured the hearts of music lovers is ‘Best Part’ by Daniel Caesar featuring H.E.R. This song has become a classic in the R&B genre because of its soulful lyrics and melody. In this article, we will delve into the song’s meaning, analyze its lyrics, and explore its impact on the music industry.


‘Best Part’ tells the story of two lovers who have found the best part of each other. They have a deep connection and have found solace in each other's presence. The song portrays the feeling of being in love and the feeling of warmth that it brings. Caesar’s and H.E.R's vocals perfectly blend with the rhythm of the song, capturing the essence of love.


The lyrics of ‘Best Part’ are simple yet profound. Every line of the song is packed with meaning and emotion. Let us take a look at the lyrics and analyze their significance.

Verse 1:
I just started my sentence like a capital letter
Got bars for years, I hope you send me a letter
Know she'll never forget it, like she'll never forget it
Diamonds in her eyes, cover my spirit
She said, "Boy, tell me honestly, was it real or just for show?"
She said, "Save your apologies, baby, I just gotta know"

In this verse, Caesar paints the picture of a letter he has written to his lover. He compares the first sentence of his letter to a capital letter, highlighting its significance. He then talks about the bars he has written over the years, hoping that his lover will acknowledge his art. He mentions the diamond-like quality in her eyes, showing his love for her. In the second half of the verse, Caesar’s lover asks him if their love was real or just a show. She asks him to be honest and tell her the truth.

Verse 2:
How do I make you feel?
How do I make you feel?
How do I make you feel?
How do I make you feel?

H.E.R's verse in the song is short, but it is powerful. She repeatedly asks her lover how he makes her feel, highlighting the importance of love and connection.

It's the way you say I love you
It's the way you say it like you mean it, baby
It's the way you look me in the eyes
And you hold me and you tell me that you need me
Yeah, I'll never forget it
Oh, I'll never forget it
I'll never forget
How you put the light in my soul
I'll never forget it

The chorus is the heart of the song. Caesar and H.E.R's vocals blend seamlessly, bringing out the essence of love. The chorus talks about how love encompasses not just words but also actions. Caesar talks about how his lover tells him that she loves him in a way that shows that she means it. He also talks about the way she looks into his eyes and holds him, conveying that he is needed. Lastly, Caesar talks about how the love he shares with his lover has put light into his soul, making him remember it forever.


‘Best Part’ has become an iconic song in the R&B genre. Both Caesar and H.E.R have received critical acclaim for their work in the song. In 2019, Caesar won the Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance for ‘Best Part.’ Moreover, the song has been streamed over 350 million times on Spotify alone.


‘Best Part’ by Daniel Caesar featuring H.E.R is a classic love song. Its lyrics are timeless and have made an impact on the music industry. The song is a testament to the power of love and how it can bring light into our lives. Caesar and H.E.R's vocals perfectly complement each other, bringing out the essence of the song. ‘Best Part’ will continue to find a special place in the hearts of music lovers for years to come.


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