Adore You" by Harry Styles

Adore You


"Adore You" is a single from the second studio album, "Fine Line" by English singer Harry Styles, which was released in 2019. The song was written by Styles, Amy Allen, and Kid Harpoon, with the latter also producing it. "Adore You" serves as the third single from the album, following "Lights Up" and "Watermelon Sugar."


The lyrics of "Adore You" are a love letter from Styles to someone he deeply admires. The song begins with the line "Walk in your rainbow paradise," which sets a dreamy and surreal tone for the rest of the song. Styles sings about wanting to be near the person he loves and admires. He also expresses how much he cares for this person by saying, "And I'd, ooh / I'd walk through fire for you / Just let me adore you." These lines show the depth of his love for the person he is singing about.

Musical elements:

"Adore You" has a unique sound that sets it apart from the other songs on the album. The song features a prominent bassline, which drives the rhythm and creates a danceable beat. The bass is accompanied by stripped-down percussion and acoustic guitar riffs, which give the song a relaxed and laid-back vibe. The chorus features soaring vocal harmonies, which add to the dreamy and ethereal nature of the song.


One of the central themes of "Adore You" is love. The song expresses how someone can deeply care for another person and want to be with them. Styles sings about wanting to be near the person he loves and admires and being willing to do anything for them. Another theme of the song is gratitude. Styles expresses how grateful he is for the person he is singing about and how much they mean to him.

Music video:

The music video for "Adore You" is a fantastical and whimsical tale that tells the story of a young boy who struggles to fit in with the people in his seaside village. Styles plays the narrator of the story, who introduces us to the boy and his struggle. As the story progresses, the boy discovers a mysterious creature that lives in the sea and befriends it. The creature, which turns out to be Styles himself, helps the boy to become more confident and accepted by the people in his village. The music video is a visual representation of the song's themes, which are about finding love and acceptance.


"Adore You" has been well-received by both fans and critics. The song has been praised for its unique sound and catchy chorus. Styles' vocals have been singled out as particularly impressive on this track. The music video has also been praised for its inventive storytelling and creative use of visual effects.


"Adore You" is a standout track from Harry Styles' "Fine Line" album. The song expresses themes of love and gratitude, and its dreamy sound sets it apart from the other songs on the album. The music video is an inventive and whimsical tale that adds to the song's overall message. "Adore You" is a great example of Harry Styles' ability to create a unique sound that is both catchy and meaningful.