Time, Tequila & Therapy - Old Dominion

Time, Tequila & Therapy

Old Dominion

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2021-10-08
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 2021 Sony Music Entertainment. All rights reserved.


Title Artist Time
Why Are You Still Here Old Dominion 2:52
Hawaii Old Dominion 2:56
Walk On Whiskey Old Dominion 3:09
All I Know About Girls Old Dominion 2:44
Blue Jeans Old Dominion 2:17
No Hard Feelings Old Dominion 3:11
Lonely Side of Town (feat. Gla Old Dominion 4:09
I Was On a Boat That Day Old Dominion 2:59
Drinking My Feelings Old Dominion 3:29
Something's the Same About You Old Dominion 3:21
I Wanna Live In a House with Y Old Dominion 2:43
Don't Forget Me Old Dominion 3:14
Ain't Nothing Wrong with Love Old Dominion 2:54


  • Awesome

    By MDR461
    This group ia very talented....great song writers and musicians. Every song sounds great....keep up the good work....I hope you love what you do. Btw Drinking My Feeling is a great song but all of them are excellent.
  • Download NOW

    By TinaT02
    Love every song on this album, you will not be disappointed!
  • Like old dominion but this album feels bland

    By afogel30
    I have always been a big fan but this album doesn’t feel like it’s saying anything. Some ok summer songs but nothing stands out.
  • Another great set

    By GTREV123
    Congratulations to OD on another great set!
  • Better and Better

    By Mags & Dil
    I may be biased bc I was such a big fan already, but this album is so fun! I love shuffling it with the first one. Can’t wait to see them next spring!!!
  • Amazing!!!

    By ThumperLulu
    Another amazing album. Love you guys!
  • Awesome

    By Smaheux
    Every song is great
  • No hard feelings

    By Gbingtanner
    Thank you so much for this song, Old Dominion. I was stuck in a rut of anger and hate, but this song really just helped me realize that I could do it, that time always makes it better, so thank you so much. You really came through and saved me when I needed it most. And the funniest part is the thing that ended up helping me the most was:.. well time, smoothies (I’m under 21 :), and therapy. Also, if you care, the story is below. So here’s the story... For my whole life there’s always been this one girl, who had feelings for me, and I had feelings for her. We had this plan for our lives, and I was gonna marry her someday. I talked to her dad about dating, her sisters all loved me too, same for her mom. Then one night everything went cold. She stopped talking, stopped caring, it felt like she hated me all of the sudden (she stopped texting back, it all went black and I finally got the picture:). Then I later found out that even after our whole lives, our whole plan, everything, she would just cut me off. All it took was one day for her to abandon me. One day, when I wasn’t there she let some other guy scoop her up, and I mean this guy was a real piece of crap. When she said she barely knew him he called her a ***** and cut her off. I was of course there to comfort her, and it all seemed good again. Then there was someone else. And he did the same thing, because we don’t go to the same school anymore, and now they are in love. No he has what we have. Now she sits two feet away from me talking about how much she loves him, how she wants to spend the rest of her life with him, and it tears me apart. But this song really truly did help. I realized that if she was going to treat me like this, she wasn’t worthy of my heart, so I jammed this song, I ok time, smoothies, and therapy, and now, somehow, I’m happy for her. They are about to start dating, and I’m honestly glad for her. So shout out old dominion because you saved me, truly in the worst time in my life, so thanks so, so much
  • Great

    By musiclovintype
    All I know about girls is I don’t know nothing at all. Hallelujah such a good album y’all keep it up
  • It’s on repeat

    By Jessicajeanne
    I freakin loooove OD. I have been a fan since before anyone knew them and let me tell you, they just keep getting better! This album is fantastic, I can’t turn it off. Buy the album, buy the merch, go to the shows they won’t disappoint 😍🔥🎶

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